The full moon on August 1  2023, is very powerful and special.

The full moon on August 1 2023, is very powerful and special.

On August 1st at 8:31 PM, it will be full moon again. The moon will be in the sign of Aquarius, and it will be a supermoon. However, that's not the only thing that makes this full moon so special because in August, we will experience not one but two full moons. This doesn't happen often!

Full Moon in August 2023
The first full moon in August 2023 will take place on August 1st at 8:31 PM in the evening. Directly opposite the moon, the sun will be in the sign of Leo. During the full moon, a tension is created between these two signs, which can make you feel tired, irritable, or emotional. The super moon adds even more intensity to this.

We call it a super moon when the moon comes a bit closer to the earth. As a result, the moon appears larger and brighter than usual, but that's not all. The characteristics of the full moon are also intensified during such a super moon. We experience everything even more intensely than during a "normal" full moon.

The full moon that takes place in August is also called the 'sturgeon moon'. The full moon in this month is named after the freshwater fish because they were seen in abundance in August. At that time, the fish, which can grow up to two meters long, provided a welcome addition to the other available food.

The full moon on August 31st
After the full moon on August 1st, the intense energy for this month is not over yet. On August 31st at 03:35 AM, we have a second full moon to look forward to, in the sensitive sign of Pisces. When two full moons occur in one month, the last one is nicknamed the 'Blue moon'. The origin of this name has everything to do with the saying 'once in a blue moon,' which means 'very rarely.' That is fitting because we see such a blue moon on average once every 2.7 years.

This will also be another full super moon, but the focus will shift to different themes in the days around this event. The influence of the Pisces sign will make you more attuned to emotions and intuition. You will be challenged to pay attention not only to facts but also to what you feel and intuitively know.

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