Collection: Smudge Gift Boxes

Each gift box contains all the necessary items to begin smudging and to create a peaceful and positive energy in any space.

Our Smudge Sticks gift boxes come with a variety of smudge sticks, carefully selected for their unique properties and scents. In addition to a smudge stick, each box contains a Paolo Santo Stick, known for its healing properties and its ability to clear negative energy. An Abalone Shell is included to hold the smudge stick, while also representing the element of water, a crucial element in the smudging practice.

A selenite crystal is also included, which is believed to have cleansing and purifying properties, and can help to enhance the effects of the smudging ritual. Finally, a feather is provided to help spread the smoke and to aid in the release of negative energy.

Our Smudge Sticks gift boxes are perfect for those new to smudging, as well as experienced practitioners. They make wonderful gifts for loved ones, or as a treat for yourself. Each gift box is beautifully packaged and includes a detailed guide on how to use the items in the box to create a peaceful and positive energy in any space.

Experience the power of smudging with our Smudge Sticks gift boxes, and bring a sense of calm and tranquility to your life